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6/6 pts. @ Brutal Carnage !!

11/12 pts. @ Ancient Spirit Terror !!

9/10 pts. @ Hell Is Open !!

8/10 pts. @ Rock Hard (GERMANY) !!

5/6 pts. @ Pure Metal Radio !!

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MANDATORY is the band that most of you might know me from. With this band I am active in the Death Metal genre since 2002. All releases so far were released to critical acclaim and got positive feedback worldwide.

After a deal with Asphyxiate Recordings MANDATORY got finally signed to Xtreem Music In 2009. The brandnew studio album “Adrift Beyond” which was mixed at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm, by the legendary Death Metal-producer Tomas Skogsberg was released in July 2010!


“Divine Destruction” - MCD, 2002

“Curse Of The Undead” - MCD, 2005

“...Where They Bleed” - MCD, 2006/07 (Asphyxiate Recordings)

“Altar Of The Old Skulls” - Split w/ DEATHEVOKATION + KINGDOM, 2007 (Obliteration Records / Time Before Time Records)

“Exiled In Pain” - Compilation, 2008 (Obliteration Records)

“Adrift Beyond” - Full length, 2010 (Xtreem Music)

“In Torment” - Tape compilation feat. “...Where They Bleed” and “Curse Of The Undead”, 2010 (Dark Descent Records)

“Ripped From The Tomb” - Release of official first album from 2003, previously unreleased., 2012 (Ablaze Productions)

“Mandatory Death” - t.b.a., 2013 (Xtreem Music)

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In Torment Tape
MANDATORY Ripped From The Tomb preview
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