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MERCURIA is a project for channeling my creativity in the field of World Music, New Age and somewhat Jazz-influenced composition into music. This is an exclusively instrumental project and just the right thing for everyone enjoying music for dreaming, relaxation or even Yoga and related activities.



“Journey” - 2010

“Grace” - tbr in 2012


“Journey” - as its title suggests - is a peaceful and relaxing trip into the spheres of music. From the mystical sounds of Arabia to the Asian hemispheres and in between. Above all soulful guitars and piano. If this description rings in your ears, get on your own journey!


Taken from a review at Circles of Light.com:

This easy to listen to, tranquil CD takes the listener on a journey into the quiet surrender of peace and joy.

You will hear mystical sounds of Arabia and notes that will take you  to the Asian hemispheres and in between. Instrumentals of soulful  guitars and piano will delight your ears and move you on your own inner  journey.

The arrangement on this CD is truly as the name suggests: a journey into the world of new age music.


After listening to Mercuria’s Journey and noticing how it can  transform your mood to one of peace and leisure, we invite you to learn  more about Sascha Beselt’s new age music style and other projects by  Mercuria.”



“Grace” is the second album by MERCURIA and currently in the pipeline. Music-wise this album will mix the World Music/New Age-style known from the debut album with a more jazzy chillout-approach.


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