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Winter 2012/2013: Finishing work on DISPUTOR’s debut album “Massive Repulsion”, MERCURIA’s “Grace” and my solo Shred Rock album “Busy Strings”. Preparing live gigs with MANDATORY and working on new, third MANDATORY-album. Also producing some new German Schlager Pop music. Lots of cool new customers in the studio, too.

Summer 2012: Still working on MANDATORY, DISPUTOR, my solo album and MERCURIA. Also busy recording, mixing and mastering albums by bands like 2NAKED, SKELFIR and DARK ARMAGEDDON. Release of MANDATORY’s official first album from 2003, “Ripped From The Tomb”, via Ablaze Productions! Great review of MERCURIA’s album “Journey” to be found at Circles of Light.com!

March 2012: Working on new material for MANDATORY’s next release “Mandatory Death” as well as mixing MERCURIA’s “Grace” and my solo album. Also busy reording another brandnew album, the debut full length of my new Death Metal-band DISPUTOR!

Winter 2011/2012: Been busy reinstalling the studio completely. Doors now open for customers! For some impressions feel free to visit: www.shownomercystudio.de

September/October 2011: Placed music from my albums “Journey” and “Le Désordre Formidable” on three Turkish shortmovies!! Also busy working on “Grace” and new MANDATORY-material as well as improving the studio setup and working on mixing and mastering other bands’ material.

February 2011: Wrote a bunch of reviews for Germany’s STREETCLEANER Zine and three new essays entitled“Die Sprache der Engel. Musik als Lebenshilfe und alternative Heilmethode.”, “Im Pakt mit dem Teufel. Zur Wertung des Virtuosentums zwischen Antike und Romantik.” and “Analysis Musicae: ‘Vienna’ (Ultravox)”. Still working on solo album “Busy Strings” and MERCURIA’s “Grace”. Preparing digital and further physical distribution of my musical projects. Added interviews and essays to the website.

By this time “Wisdom From The Crypts”,  my interview with Swedish Death Metal pioneers Tomas Skogsberg and Dan Swanö, has been published in lots of print- and webzines worldwide, including:

Streetcleaner Zine (Germany), Brutalism.com (The Netherlands), Carnage Death Metal (Germany), Diabolical Conquest (India), Kronos Mortus (Hungary), Anus.com (USA), Global Domination.se (Sweden), Voices From The Darkside (Germany), Complete Domination.net (Sweden), Campaign For Musical Destruction (Germany) and Nuclear War Now Productions (USA).

More zines to to publish it soon: Burning Abyss (Poland), Ancient Spirit Terror (Germany), There Where I Belong (Spain), Al Zannahk (Malaysia), Flesh Salad (Spain), Zombie Ritual (Mexico), Bleak Zine (Spain), Headbang (Turkey).

January 2011: Songwriting for second MANDATORY-full length almost completed!!

December 2010: Wrote the book “Musikproduktion - Dein kleiner Helfer”!! Currently searching for publisher!! Also wrote a new essay entitled “Der Zufall als System. Zur Frage der Form in der aleatorischen Musik im Kontext einer Kritik an Umberto Ecos Modell des ‘Offenen Kunstwerks’”.

November/December 2010: Preparing the score of “Le Désordre Formidable” for publishing. Wrote countless reviews for Poland’s BURNING ABYSS Zine. Also did an interview with Tomas Skogsberg and Dan Swanö. Starting songwriting for 2012’s Blues-album, MANDATORY’s second full length album and MERCURIA’s second album “Grace”. Tape-release of MANDATORY’s “In Torment” released by Dark Descent Records.

October/November 2010: MANDATORY’s “Adrift Beyond” getting first - and great - feedback by the press!!

6/6 pts. @ Brutal Carnage !!

11/12 pts. @ Ancient Spirit Terror !!

9/10 pts. @ Hell Is Open !!

8/10 pts. @ Rock Hard (GERMANY) !!

5/6 pts. @ Pure Metal Radio !!

Also preparing worldwide tape-release of new compilation “In Torment” via Dark Descent Records.

August - November 2010: Working on instrumental guitar-solo album “Busy Strings”.

July 2010: MANDATORY - “Adrift Beyond” released via Xtreem Music.

July 2010: Releasing MICHAEL DAVID’s promo-CD “Treffer Versenkt” via Stilpass Records.

June 2010: “Le Désordre Formidable” and MERCURIA - “Journey” released via Stilpass Records.

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